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An excellent tool for extending the living space of your home into the outdoors while offering a good return on your investment.

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If you want a place to relax, entertain or greet guests, a porch can be a useful addition to a well-designed home. Porches connect your interior to the exterior, provide additional living space, keep you connected with your neighborhood and give you the perfect spot for dining outside. They can be small and simple, in front or back of your home, or large four-season wraparound spaces.   

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Build your new custom screen porch with Ebony Home Improvement! There are a myriad of options for every element of your new porch. These options include roof shape and ceiling choices among many other options such as size, shape, and amenities.


With so many choices, how do you decide? That’s where we come into the picture. As you share your wants and needs with us, the best options for your new porch become apparent.


After building porches here in the Charlotte market for over 16 years. We’re able to take that experience and help match what you envision for your screen porch with the best design features, styles, and amenities.      

Front Porches Contractors

The most traditional kind of Porch, the Front Porch is popular with homeowners who want to keep up with the neighborhood or create a welcoming entry for guests.


Front Porches are hot in both new construction and remodels, as homeowners long for a better sense of community.


The front porch gives you the chance to enhance the sense of entry into your house. The special space is really just an extension of your house itself—which means it's equally as important. In fact, since your porch and patio are the first things your guests are likely to see when they arrive, it might even be doubly important.


It can be small, wide or large, it can be totally custom, with a lot of options to choose from, different shapes of roofing, columns, ceiling colors, and materials, add railings, it can have a classic look, contemporary, rustic, modern or even a ranch style. 

Front Porch in Charlotte NC
Back Covered Porch in Waxhaw NC

Open Covered Porches in Charlotte NC

Usually more informal than a front porch, a back porch offers more flexibility.


A back porch can be a great way to connect your kitchen to the garden outside, a place to enjoy water or nature views, or a protected spot to watch the kids play in the yard.


It is more affordable to build than a screened porch, an easier project with fewer components means a bit less, also it requires less maintenance.

We are your trusted local patio contractors that can create a custom solution that is dialed in to your exact specifications. Our design experience can assist bring your vision to life.


Detached Porch Design in Indian Trail

Why settle for a regular outdoor sitting area if you can have one with a roof?

A place for you to relax and enjoy the fresh air despite the rainy weather – or without the heat of the sun burning your skin.

Having some distance between your patio and your home has both its pros and cons. While you get to enjoy more peaceful and secluded surroundings, fetching those drinks from the kitchen will take you a little longer. Unless you’re the lucky owner of an outdoor kitchen, of course. It is a perfect option if you have a pool in your backyard.

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Screened In Porches in Charlotte NC

Screened in Porch Contractors

Do you like to think you would enjoy spending time on your front porch, but you don’t like dealing with all of the bugs? Our screened-in porch contractors are here to help. Whether you are looking to add a screen to an existing porch, or start from scratch with our custom porch building team, call Ebony Home Improvement in Charlotte NC today.


Adding a screen to your porch will help completely transform the space. Instead of having a sitting area and constantly swatting away bugs, you now have a place you can enjoy dinner, let the kids play, or even let the dog safely enjoy the weather.


When choosing to hire our screened-in porch contractors, you are choosing to add an extra protective layer to your home. You can have peace of mind knowing that the kids can’t wander off as easily, and the dogs can’t run after squirrels.

About SCREEN EZE System

SCREEN EZE is a fixed screen system. It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap which are snapped together and attached to your porch. It can be installed on the inside, outside or center of your porch post and rail design.

It is available in four colors and offers five different screen options. The most common is fiberglass. SCREEN EZE offers good visibility due to minimal glare from sunlight.


Fiberglass screens won’t crease like metal screening and its flexibility makes it the easiest type to work with. Commonly available in charcoal.

They also offer four other screens to choose from which include, Bettervue, Insect Screen, Textilene, and Tuffscreen.


When choosing a screen fabric, it is best to first decide what is most important to you? Durability, Visibility, Cost?

Screen Eze Installer in Indian Trail NC

About EZVue

EZVue Installers in Matthews NC

A wrap-around porch can extend the living of a casual family room, or it can give guests a spot to enjoy the garden. When connected to a more formal living room an EZVue porch will make a house feel more expensive and elegant if you open it up to rooms inside with a double door.

EZVue is a custom hand build 4-track window made of aluminum frame and flex vinyl glazing panels and screen. It transforms your outdoor space into a 3-season room. Each window is tailor-made to ensure a precision-engineered fit into your existing or new porch.

Custom made, Versatile ventilation, and durable. 
The selection of frame and Flexi Glaze colors allow you to match the look of your home or achieve a unique style just for you.


Why choose EZVue?

  • Easy to Open and close.

  • Protects from the summer sun, rain and snow.

  • The vinyl used for the frame and windows have a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and the screen has a two-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Provider: www.Porchconversions.com


Different days require different airflow. Put all the windows down to maximize airflow, slide them up to keep warmer and stay out of the rain, or just leave them somewhere in between. Your room can adjust to your needs and comfort. 


Flex Vinyl Glazing is made for a room that is lived in. The glazing can be hit or leaned on by a child or pet and still maintain its form. With this technology you’ll never have to worry about golf balls, baseballs, an hail damaging your window.


At Ebony Home Improvement, we strive to create a custom porch that fits your unique needs. Our experience and excellent service will combine to give you an understanding of what’s possible for your new porch project. With all the choices we offer, together we can design the porch you’ve always wanted.