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Dreaming of whiling away the summer days on a patio or porch of your very own? Ebony Home Improvement can make it happen. We’ll design and build a deck just for you!

You Have A Lot of Options

If you own a home and don’t have a porch, patio or deck, you’re wasting valuable living space. Start taking advantage of your outdoor spaces! Design and build a custom outdoor oasis of your very own! Our team will help you plan out a deck that works for your needs and budget. We’ll walk you through a number of beautiful, durable deck building materials and select the highest quality options for your build. You’ll have an appealing outdoor space in place before you know it when we’re on the job. We keep up with the latest building technologies, so you can trust that your project will be structurally sound and able to stand up to all of your needs!

Customization Options

Ceiling Options:

Your ceiling choice can add a lot of character to your porch. Exposed rafters add some structured elegance, while enclosing them with a tongue and groove ceiling can add height and an opening of space to your porch. Additionally, you can do a flat ceiling to make it feel like a natural extension from the interior of your home.


Some other nice additions you can do include recessed can lighting for night time enjoyment or ceiling fans to help provide additional breeze on a warm day. Also, the shape of your roof really impacts the looking of your ceiling.

When it comes to customizing your new screened porch , one of the most essential refinements is in the ceiling design.

Your screened porch ceiling doesn’t have to match your roofline.

Ceiling Options:

  • Flat ceiling 

  • Vaulted ceiling

  • Exposed rafters ceiling - it could be used with flat or vaulted ceiling

  • Dropping Ceiling

  • Cathedral 


  • Beadboard 

  • Tongue & groove

  • PVC boards

  • Vinyl Beadboard

  • HardieSoffit panels

  • Plywood 


Ceiling Style Examples

Flat Ceiling
Vaulted Ceiling
Exposed Rafters Ceiling
Drop Ceiling
Cathedral Ceiling

Roofing Options

The first consideration is in your choice of a porch roof. Though, roofs are not always a design choice.


For instance, your home’s second-story windows might require that your new screened porch has a flat roof or shed roof, as to not obstruct those windows. For those, who have a choice, often the grandest or decorative roofline is preferred. Gable and hip porch roofs are stellar choices for achieving an air of grandeur. Flat porch roofs bring a more traditional flair. Another porch roof style is a combination roof. Like a gable and flat roof; they add plenty of curb appeal and interest to your home. 

Function: From a function perspective for a porch, we especially want to control the run-off water. 

Aesthetics:​ The architecturally correct roof line for your porch will be largely influenced by the roof lines of your existing house. We try to mimic the roof style, roof pitch, roofing material, gutter heights and soffits details to make the porch look like part of the original design of the house. 


Roofing Styles

 Just because your main roofline is a gable does not mean your porch has to be a gable.  Perhaps we can switch to a hip but keep the pitch to help it blend.  Maybe you have a U-shaped patio in the middle of your house and you simply add a flat roof that ties all three sides together.

Gable Roof
Shed Roof
Hip Roof
Flat Roof
Combination Roof

If you are considering adding a roofed structure to the back of your home, you have likely considered how that will impact the look of your home from the outside.


Have you thought about how a roof that provides shade on your porch will also provide shade for the interior of your home? In this case, we can use SKYLIGHTS. It brings beauty and functionality to your porch if installed in the right place.

Flooring Options

Whether it is an open porch, screened or detached porch, we will walk you through the many options and their benefits and then help you decide what will work and look best for your home. If you are looking to add a porch in combination with a deck or patio, we can help make sure all of your outdoor living structures flow together and help you maximize your outdoor living space.

There are many components of a porch and many options on colors, styles, and materials. To help you in your planning and research, we wanted to provide a photo gallery of different options is porch floors.


Flooring Styles

Mortar Set Paver Floor
Mortar Set Paver Floor

There are so many different patterns that can be used when setting pavers.

Concrete or Stamped Concrete Floor
Concrete or Stamped Concrete Floor

If you are building your screened porch on top of a concrete pad, you can use the concrete as your flooring and cover it with a nice rug.

Concrete Pavers
Concrete Pavers

You’ll notice there are no mortar joints.

Pressure-Treated Decking
Pressure-Treated Decking

A lot of people may think that pressure-treated wood is more suitable for an outdoor deck. However, it can be a great choice for an indoor porch. 

Slate Tile
Slate Tile

The best place to use tile is on concrete slab since tile needs a really rigid foundation.

Travertine Floor
Travertine Floor

Travertine is a real stone and makes a beautiful porch floor.

Ipe Tongue and Groove
Ipe Tongue and Groove

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a dark beautiful brown hardwood.  A well-maintained Ipe floor will last 50 years outside and even longer inside.

Composite Decking

More and more these days we want the look of wood without the maintenance. Composite decking has come a long way, and most companies use what is called capstock. The options are mainly either capstock composite or capstock PVC. 

Composite Decking

Railing Options

How to choose the right railing style for a home. There are a few different ways to approach this, and ultimately it comes down to selecting a railing style that you love and will be aesthetically pleasing with your house. It’s truly amazing what a transformation a fresh railing design can make. Talk about curb appeal!

There are several different components that make up a railing system. You have the top and bottom handrail, for structure, and then there are the balusters that typically make up the infill of the railing. 

Safety is the practical consideration behind the installation of the railing, and you should also keep maintenance in mind. But there is an aesthetic component: choosing wisely from among the various styles is critical to the project from a design perspective.


Railing Material Options

Composite Deck Railings
Composite Deck Railings

There are a few composite choices, most have metal reinforcement—nearly all look like wood. Composite railings are a good option if you want the look of wood with the easy installment of metal and less maintenance.

Typical Builder Deck Railings
Typical Builder Deck Railings

These are the beveled 2x2 wood pickets fastened to a 2x6 on edge at the top and fastened to the rim joist of the deck (outer band of wood in the deck frame).

Custom Wood Deck Railings
Custom Wood Deck Railings

Any shape and size you can imagine can be made from wood. There are unlimited options for custom styles. The only thing to remember is that railings should be functional as well as fanciful.

At Ebony Home Improvement, we strive to create a custom outdoor space that fits your unique needs. Our experience and excellent service will combine to give you an understanding of what’s possible for your new project. With all the choices we offer, together we can design the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted.


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